13 (Thirteen)

That was the age of  Carmela Frassanito when she commited suicide. She would have been 18 today and her father is asking justice for his doughter.She had been raped by 5 men in 2005.

All of them were identified and borught to justice. Luckily for them it is italian justice and so, as of today – 5 years after, this is how things are: the 2 that at the time were underage were not even sent to court, the trial for the 3 adults is still on, with one hearing every 6 months.



Chafik Elketani, a 21 years old from Morocco, was driving a car along state route 18 near Lamezia Terme in the Calabria region, south of Italy. He is on drugs. In the passenger seat besides him there is a child. He is 8 years old.

The car is going too fast and hit 10 people that were riding bicycles, killing 8 of them. And killing the child as well. Mr. Elketani didn’t have a driving license. It had been revoked 8 months before for dangerous driving.

Mr. Elketani was recently sentenced to 8 years in prison. One for ear he of the bikers killed. Nothing for the child.

see you later (a lot later) alligator

The Court of Perugia ruled against IperCOOP (a very larges supermarket chain) in a judgment that was asked by Lacoste. The french company had sued IperCoop on the selling of a stock of polo shirt at a very, very low price. The shirts were in fact fakes. The supermarket company was yesterday sentenced to pay to Lacoste a total of nearly € 30.000,00 (about 39.000,00 USD).

The legal action was started in 2002. Yep, 8 years ago. That’s Italy…, but the sun and the food are just great!!