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I’m planning an expedition to the North Pole, please take a look at some photos of my preparations open link

kim beeston

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At the very beginning, his stats are shown:

* HP- 11535 + 11790

* ATK- 670 + 752

* DEF- 538 + 189

* SPD- 99 + 37

* CR

* CD

Not sure how I feel about this, but with the Water Golem and Water Lizardman debuts, it only figures that a water vampire with passive lifesteal (and possibly more from Vamp runes) would be able to do it as well.

I don’t wanna say Water Vampire sucks, but there are better options honestly. He’s the least useful out of the three main element Vampires and really this doesn’t show a whole lot.

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✉Re: I need a piece of advice

Hey friend,

I couldn’t decide which book to read and decide to ask for your advice, please take a look at the list continue reading

Pardon my monkey thumbs, Lucia Vezzoli

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Not even close to entrapment. Telling you to leave the area does not mean, “Drive you car home while you’re drunk.” You could have called a cab or even a friend to pick you up. Also, from your comment that you stopped over the line at a stop sign, it sounds like the officer had at least reasonable suspicion to pull you over.

You may be able to get a wet reckless plea (or something similar depending on what jurisdiction you’re in) if your BAC is around 0.08. It really depends on where you are, but none of the facts you’ve mentioned helps you get a lighter sentence.

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☠great news or you

Hi friend!

I’ve got good news for you, you’ll like it for sure! Read it here please open link

Looking forward, Paolo Guglielmi

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That’s an entertaining video. First of all, I’d put an intro to it saying who you are and who you’re playing with. It was rather confusing because I thought YOU were the raging kid at first.

Aside from that, it was really good. The editing was pretty good, and that “best friend award” made me LOL.

Aside from video quality, you might want to get a better mic. The few times you were talking sounded kinda off.

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