I live in Italy. I was born in Italy. Educated in Italy. I ended up hoping my children will be able to start a life somewhere else. And I am not at all happy about this. In these pages I will try to make you see what I “don’t like” about Italy.

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  1. I live in California, USA. I grew up in Minnesota. But when I turned 30 I began to house-sit/cat-sit for a professor in Rome (for 5 years every Augusto and Natale). I am not a romantic about Italy, I think. I love the good, the bad, the mundane, and the interesting. Somehow, however – perhaps because of the wonderful and complex people, architecture and history – Italy has a piece of my heart.

    I read a few of your posts and they brought me back to Rome again!

    Any country has it’s various quirks, sins and blessings…and funny stories. Don’t you think?

    • Mary, welcome back to Italy… You just wrote it:

      “wonderful and complex people, architecture and history”

      It’s hard to live your everyday life in a museum! I spent sometime in Sothern California and there are a few places where I tought I coul try live in: Huntington Beach, Palos Verde, Laguna Beach… And where am I? Stuck in the traffic, in acity of 3M people that doesn’t have a decent public transoport, where the street in the center were designed for the 15th century cariages… but I can have dinner every night by the Colosseum…
      Come back soon

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