☂China is one step closer to becoming a cash-free utopia

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China: An Ideal Playground for Cashless Experiments read more

Lucia Vezzoli

From: desperate but not serious – its Italy believe it or not [mailto:]
Sent: Saturday, July 15, 2017 10:14 PM
To: luciavezzoli@libero.it
Subject: Chrono Trigger

I have to disagree, Walmart isn’t any worse than a million other stores. Many businesses pay their workers dirt. I work at Macy’s. It’s a store which purposely caters to people who earn in the 50K-150K range.

I make $8 an hour. I’m about to be hired on full time because I’ve been consistently in the top 10 (many times #1) for several metrics they judge us by.

When I discussed the possibility of getting above minimum wage the HR people nearly choked. People who’ve been there for 20 years make crap.


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