Ride like the wind

Eroica” is a bike ride in Tuscany that celebrate the good old days of bycicle race when there was no tarnac on the roads and you really had to be an “hero”  to complete certein races. Schermata 2014-10-07 alle 07.52.35 Along the road there’s plenty of “comfprt” for the 5.500 riders: free sandwiches, ham, finocchiona, ribollita and –  of course –  rivers of Chianti. Schermata 2014-10-07 alle 07.54.17 Here’s the story: a group of 7 riders who didn’t make it in the 5.500 limit… decided to make a copy of ine of the numbers and go for a snack anyway… Schermata 2014-10-07 alle 07.53.16


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