Strictly business

This is the answer to the questions regarding two recent acquisitions made by a Real Estate Company that bought 2 houses from Mariano Apicella (a 105 sq/mt flat in Cecchina  in the suburbs of Rome) and Danilo Mariani (a 100 sq/mt house near Siena).

Rumor has it that both the deal were overpaid by the Real Estate Company, but there are no evidence of this. The only evedence in the matter is that the RE Company is strictly connected to Silvio Berlusconi and that both Apicella and Mariani recently testified for the defence in a trial that had Mr Berlusconi accused with various charges connected with the “Ruby” liason. (

Mariano Apicella with Silvio Berlusconi:

Danilo Mariani with Silvio Berlusconi and the late Muʿammar Abū Minyar ʿAbd al-Salām al-Qadhdhāfī:


update: Mr. Berlusconi had closed another real estate deal before the ones above: he bought a villa on lake Como paying € 21.000.000,00 (twentyonemillions euros) to Marcello Dell’Utri, one of the oldest and closest of his friends.


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