To live or not to live

The issue in Taranto is quite simple.

A Magistrate has ruled that the ILVA steel factory (one of the largest in Europe) must be shut down because is a serious threat to the health of the thousands of people living  nearby. Cancer ratio there is many times higher than the nation average, and the air is clearly polluted with a soft and dark powder that covers the houses of the ones living in the factory vicinity.

The owners and workers, for obvious and different reasons, do not want the factory to close as this would result in laying off many thousands of workers, a high percentage of Taranto people.

So what to choose? To keep alive a job the is killing you and your family? Or shut down the factory and face a social disaster? No need to say tha the ownership had planned in the past many improvements to reduce pollution, none of which has been adopted and – for many years – no Magistrate has taken one single action to enforce those improvements.


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