No country for young men

Cormac McCarthy and the Coen brothers will forgive me for using the title of their work but is the first thing that came to my mind redin how old Italy’s ruling class is. Not that I didn’t knew, but when you face the evedence… it is something else.

The last 3 of the following took office at…:

  • US Presidents at: Bill Clinton (47), George W. Bush (55), Barack Obama (48) total 160;
  • UK Prime Ministers at: Tony Blair (44), Gordon Brown (56), David Cameron (44) total 144;
  • France Presidents at: Jacques Chirac (62), Nicholas Sarkozy (52), Francoise Hollande (58) total 172;
  • Spanish Prime Ministers: Jose Maria Aznar (43), José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero (44), Mariano Rajoy (56) total 133;
  • Italian Prime Ministers: Romano Prodi (57), Silvio Berlusconi (57), Mario Monti (68) total 182;

Here’s the story from


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