As Time Goes By…

In april 1999 Italian Government launched “Missione Arcobaleno” aimed to help the refugees from Kosovo that had “invaded” Albania. (wiki)

Missione ArcobalenoPanorama Magazine published in august 1999 an issue reporting the huge waste of money and resources connected with this mission. In the early stage of the police investigations 4 people were arrested in jail for 3 months.

The Inquiry ended in 2007 (!) when a prosecutor from the Tribunal of Bari asked to put under trial 19 people involved in the mismanagement.

Here’s the new of the beginning of the trial, it’s february 2011 nearly 11 years after the scandal. Here’s the announcement of the resurrection of the trial , that had been sleeping for many years before even beginning its public hearings. It was published on october 31st and the first day of the trial was announced for november 9th.

Today the trial was suspended and is set to resume in may 2012, when all the charges will have to be dropped because of the too many years  that were wasted.


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