planning is everything

Piazza San Silvestro, one of the largest square in the historic center of Rome, was a bus hub until last june when renovation started. The first project had very poor reaction from the few who saw the design. People started calling it “The Graveyard” as the white marble benches were quite similar to coffins.

It was then decided to call architect Paolo Portoghesi for a free consult (i.e. you project now what we didn’t before) and today La Repubblica reports that the new square will be a “Theatre Square”, the benches will be changed, a fountain will be built and trees will be planted.

The first sketches will be ready in a couple of weeks and they will have to be approved by the minister, the local Soprintendenza and  – of course – the mayor’s office.

“There’s is no final design at this stage, I want to be very clear on this, I am just making suggestions”.

The words of Mr. Portoghesi are a reasonable approach. Only objection is that the square has been in this condition for the last 2 months, planning before closing and destroying was too demanding?


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