You’ve made it! Italy, at last! You walk along via Veneto… ah, Fellini! La Dolce Vita! Is it a dream? No. You get to your car, parked along many others in a nearby street. You find a ticket for parking where you weren’t supposed to. The fine is € 38,00 but there’s no sign that indicates that parking is not permitted…  don’t worry, if you got a ticket that you think wasn’t deserved… you can appeal to an onorary magistrate: the “Giudice di Pace” that will, in a matter of few months, decide if you have to pay or not.

Oh, btw, don’t forget to pay the € 38,00 tax needed to file the appeal. What? You’re asking me why pay the same amount of money you’re asking back?  Dunno, you came to Italy, we didn’t call you. We don’t even notice this sort of things anymore…


2 thoughts on “x=y

    • Of course not! And mind that the € 38,00 fine is a “reduced one” but if you appeal and lose the fine goes back to its “standard” of € 76,00 .

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