There’s plenty of time

In the summer of 2006 the parents of 3 chidren of 4 accused teachers and caretakers of the pre-school their children were attending in Rignano Flaminio (near Rome), of sexual abusing the kids. The case seems to be very weak and highly controversial: no evidence are found and the only basis is the children’s story, that comes out after they’ve been questioned by their parents. (link to Reuters)

The trial begins and, as it goes on, all the charges seems to be extremely weak as reported in many papers and books about the subject. It is now 4 years after the start of the trial, the end is nowhere to be seen…Now it turns out that one of the Judges that form the Court has been appointed to a new post and the trial has to restart from scratch with a substitute. (itagoogle translated)


One thought on “There’s plenty of time

  1. I had doubts about the soundness of this case: the doubts became certainties after reading the book you link here, by Claudio Cerasa. I always say that one of my greatest fears is to pass by an Italian judge who desperately needs to find the culprit of a crime, irrespective of the evidence…

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