99% is better than 100%

Isabel, a girl of 21 from Mauritius, arrived in Bari in 2006 to join her parents that had moved to Italy looking for a better life. Soon after her arrival she had serious health problems that, after a month in a coma, led to the amputation of the top phalanges of the fingers in both hands and feet.

The family asked for a help from the Sanitary System and, as she was considerd totally (100%) unable to work, this was given under the form of a monthly contribution of nearly $ 700,00.

But a law states that if you’ve been in Italy for less than 5 years (and that was the case) you must work, even just a little, even for just the 1% of your ability. But she was 100% inable to work. So no help. 99% would have worked just fine.

Story is here.


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