Do you own the copyright for your house?

Silly question? Not so much if you live in Italy.

The Stadio Flaminio is the second  largest Sport Arena in Rome, was built in 1957 in an area that at the time was “off the beaten track”.  As years passed it become less and less used as the crowd attending sports & music events grew larger and larger. In recent years it become the home of the Italian Rugby team for the 2/3 yearly matches of the  “6 Nations Tournament“, the most prestigeous european tournament in which England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales compete every year.

The seating is far from sufficient – according to modern standards – and every year a huge set of scaffolding is mounted outside the arena to hold extra seats. The City of Rome, with the Italian Rugby federation have presented a project for a new arena to be built right where the Stadio Flaminio is. A new, modern arena with 42.000 seats… right what everybody wanted!

Well, not exactly everybody… the Nervi family (Pier Luigi Nervi was the architect that designed the Arena) claims that they “own” (?) copyright of the Stadio Flaminio and they don’t like the project that has been presented to the public. Excuse me?

In 2008 Billy Joel celebrated the final days of the Shea Stadium in NYC with 2 concerts, I wish I was there… and then the Stadium was… gone.

But I was in NYC just few days after that, to see Bruce Springsteen playing at Giants Stadium. the same giant Stadium that Springsteen “closed down” the following year..

You celebrate the end of an era… and you move on.


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