yea, whatever…

In 1985 mr. Luciano Sgarlata went bankrupt making disappear many millions of lire of italian family savings.

The trial is still on (!) and the court has recently ruled to have a new expertise to define how much  every single investor had lost. The accountant that gave the report was awarded compensation for  500.000,00 euro, that the court has ruled must be payed (now) by the victims of the swindle – the defendant has not ben sentenced yet and is, therefore, innocent ’till proved guilty.

The same court has adjourned the trial to 2014.

(archives on the facts: here, here and here – recent story here)


2 thoughts on “yea, whatever…

  1. This is the reason why so many people in Italy prefer to keep their head down and don’t bring alleged violations of the law in front of a court: even if you are the victim, you end up losing. Always. The judges are very fast only when their case concerns certain politicians…

    • That is not correct: judges can be fast if the politician they’re dealing with is on “their side” but they will always be fast if the victim is… another judge, of course!

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