We Are Family (I got all my sisters with me….)

Have you ever heard of Sandro Bondi? He is the Senior Minister in the italian government in charge of Culture, Art and Heritage… he’s been in the news for this, and this, and this

…and today he is in an italian newspaper for a “family business”. Don’t be suspicious, it’s not his family. Not yet, at least.

This is the story: Mr. Bondi is in love with Manula Repetti, who happens to be a Member of Parliament in the same party of Mr. Bondi. No problem with this.

They’re in love but not married yet, as they both have a previous marriage that hasn’t reached divorce. No problem with this too.

Italian newspaper “Il Fatto Quotidiano” has discovered that The Culture Minister (Yes, Bondi) has signed a 25K euros per year contract with a Mr. Roberto Indaco as a consultant for Theatre and Fashion. The fact that Mr. Indaco is the soon to be divorced former husband of Mr Bondi’s girlfriend is a problem for you? Not for Mr. Bondi, it seems. Nor is the fact that his Minister employes another Mr. Indaco, a Fabrizio this time, who happens to be the son of Roberto Indaco and Manuela Repetti.

I’ll summarize some of the answers they gave:

Manuela Repetti:

  • “I don’t think he’s had any help”
  • “There’s nothing so exceptional about a young man working for the Government.”
  • “Yes, I know he is the Minister, but it’s a coincidence…”

Sandro Bondi:

  • “I want to explain…”
  • “It’s a painful story…”
  • “I demand respect. It’s a painful and bitter story, an absolutely private story…”

Link here and here.



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