“Look for a wealthy boyfriend”, says our prime minister

The source is Newsweek, so you can’t file this under the usual “italian self-pity”, and I am afraid that what comes out is just a small part of “the fabulous life in the country we love to leave…“. Italy is on their pages twice in the same day, here’s the first time:

An entire generation has grown up in a society where demeaning soft-core porn is an acceptable addition to the daily news.

Only 45 percent of all Italian women work outside the home, the lowest rate in the European Union, and that rate has been stagnant for the past five years. By comparison, 80 percent of Norwegian women and 72 percent of British women work outside the home. When Italian women do have jobs, they earn on average 20 percent less than men, and they hold only 7 percent of Italy’s corporate-management positions, versus an average of 33 percent in Scandinavian countries. (link)

Here’s the second:

Every so often, Italians are reminded their country is falling apart, and why. Earlier this month, for instance, heavy rains and lack of attention reduced to rubble the famous House of Gladiators in ancient Pompeii. That was bad enough. Then the minister in charge of archeological sites, when asked if he would resign in shame, responded that he wasn’t really responsible.

That’s the way government works in Italy. No responsibility. No shame. No attention to a crumbling country. Today the economy is almost as frozen in time as the ash-covered ruins of Pompeii. For 20 years Italy has had virtually no growth, and nobody accepts the blame. (link)


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