The magic number is…


It is the law number 51 voted in 2006 that , despite the 1993 referendum (link in italian) that wanted to abolish public funding of political parties, says that these funding – now labelled as “reimbursement” and dramatic increased in the past years – must be payed to the parties for every year of the term (that last 5 years).

If, for any reason, the term comes to an end sooner than the fifth year and there are new elections… then the parties will be entiteled to new “reimbursement” for the new term while still getting the ones for the previous term. Got it?

We’re in 2010 and the present term started in 2008; the 2008 election was an early one as the previous term lasted only 2 years, from 2006 to 2008. That is why – today – parties are getting “reimbursement” for the final year of the 2006 term and the 3rd year of the 2008 term. If, and that’s a serious possibility, we’re going to have new election soon..parties could get 3 times the “reimbursement” they’re supposed to get.

Here’s an issue from Lettera43 explaining (italian, sorry) how things work, and why everybody is praying for new elections.

The image below (from Lettera43) report the figures (Millions of euros, x 1,3 for USD) we’re talking about…

  • letter A is the expenses certified and that are to be “reimbursed”,
  • letter B is what the parties got,
  • letter C indicates the difference between A and B,
  • letter D indicates such difference as the extra percentage payed.


Wouldn’t you like 51/2006 too?


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