The red trolley that defies time

Il trolley rosso senza etichette (foto inviata dal lettore Andrea Magnoni)

Quality controls at the Malpensa Airport (Milan) has a good record in luggage delivery after landing. A red trolley is very helpful in obtaining this record.

That’s how it works:

The time measurement starts when the plane is “officially” landed and stops when the first piece of luggage exit on the conveyer belt. Easy, isn’t it? But what happens if the operators put a “fake” luggage on the belt when most of the luggage is still on the plane? Time stops anyway… the record is yours!

Reader Andrea Magnoni, frequent flyer that has seen the red trolley too many times…,  writes to Corriere. Here’s the picture gallery.

Update: SEA – the company that manages the airport and the luggage delivery at Malpensa – denies the allegations saying it is just an ordinary “test” piece of luggage that every company uses to test  the service…


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