The expert

Italians are so used to politicians that take public offices as a profession, without having experience on practically nothing, and that keep appointing offices always among their “affiliates”, that the idea of having someone like Professor Umberto Veronesi appointed at the head of a Public Ageny is a good news in itself. Someone quite bitter – like me – may wonder what sort of competence he could have in directing the Agency for Nuclear Power Safety… but that’s a very bitter and personal question.


5 thoughts on “The expert

  1. No, your question is a very good one. He is an oncologist, I don’t understand what competences he has that could be of value in his new job. It is just like putting a baker in charge of a barbecue joint…he may be a great baker, but that doesn’t mean he knows anything about bbq

  2. You’re describing politics in the US, too. Many politicians here don’t seem to have much, if any, work experience outside of politics, and after they leave their political office, they end up on the board of some big company, which obviously makes you wonder what they were doing while in office (helping out the company whose board they wanted to sit on, perhaps?). There are some big name politcians, like Michael Bloomberg (mayor of NYC) or even Arnold Schwarzenegger who were wealthy and thus powerful before they entered politics, which makes me kind of trust them more.

    • I’m not too familiar with the US situation… but let’s be frank… I am not “dreaming” of an idyllic world where thousands of Ghandis, Mothers Theresa or “Lincolns” are in charge… I am not that dumb.

      I know that everywhere in the world when there’s an hospital, an airport, an highway to be built a certain small percentage of the final cost will end up into the pockets of someone who didn’t earned that money. It’s corruption, bribery call it the way you like it…

      In Italy the system made a step up to a higher level: instead of making money out of infrastructures that you “have” to provide, useful for the society… we do the other way round: we need money… let’s plan a new hospital, or a new bypass, or a bridge… we raise funds for it, take our share and.. who cares what happens next.

      • I have heard that there are lots of projects that get started in Italy and sit there unfinished. It’s really astounding how much of the world’s ills can be chalked up to greed.

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