Wasn’t me

I remember an old Eddie Murphy show in which he was explaining how to react when your wife catches you cheating: DENY EVERYTHING, ALWAYS !

– ” I just saw you comin’ out of that woman’s house! “
– ” Wasn’t me. “

This came to my mind reading about what’s happening in Milan where the elecction of Roberto Formigoni as President of Regione Lombardia is suspected of not having been “correct”.

To take part in an election you have to produce a certain number of people that sign a “list” of names (in front of an independent officer that can prove the identity of those signing) running for a party. Habit is that they start collecting the signatures and, in the meantime, they sort out who to put in the list.

In Milan things have stepped to a higher level: people from Partito Radicale have noticed that a lot of the signatures (already “questionable” for the “timing” of their collection) are very, very similar one to the other, like they were written by the same hand. While the official enquiry is in progress, what have they done, those guys at the Partito Radicale? They did the unbelievable… they went to those who signed and asked them if they really did so. A lot of them didn’t sign anything and – moreover – support the opposition of the winning party.

Le firme sulle liste per Formigoni


One thought on “Wasn’t me

  1. Without even mentioning that neither the Governor of Lombardy nor the Governor of emilia Romagna (left-wing party) should have been elected, since the law clearly states that a governor can be elected only for two terms. And they are at term no. 4 and no. 3, if I am not wrong.

    The problem is that no one cares.

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