Politicians, ancient greek and money

Roberto Maroni is an italian politician. He is a prominent member of Lega Nord (seeking independence of the north region of Italy), MP since 1992.

He’s been appointed Senior Minister in various occasion, and in different areas. He is famous for his passion for music (plays keyboards with a band called Area 51), and for having admitted illegal music downloads.

He is in the news today because he has been questioned by a Court about a € 60.000,00 ($ 90.000,00) payment received from a private company. Maroni, who graduated as a lawyer, told the magistrates that the money was the fee for a legal advise. That he didn’t give.

The media confirm that in the question there is nothing against the law. That is good. I just ask myself if nobody has ever heard of the word “ethic“. It comes from ancient greek. Too ancient, maybe.


7 thoughts on “Politicians, ancient greek and money

  1. Roberto, sono un’Italiana che vive all’estero e devo confessarti che nonostante mi manchi l’Italia, e non sia contenta al 100% degli USA, non so se riuscirei a ritornare, per le stesse situazioni che tu mostri nel tuo blog. Sono di Venezia, una citta’ fragile che sta venendo trasformata in un museo, ogni volta che torno a visitarla mi piange il cuore.

    Continuiamo cosi’…facciamoci del male…

  2. Please excuse my ignorance, but is there a secessionist party in Italy, wanting to split the North and South? If so, is there popular support for this idea, or is it a fringe movement? And is Area 51 any good?

    I’m afraid that “ethics” and “politics” don’t seem to mix, but perhaps I’m just cynical.

    • Oh yes, Lega Nord (Northern League) – as you an see in their web site – is “founded” for the independence of the “Padania” (that’s the area along the river Po). In this page (italian, I’m sorry) you will be able the read the guidelines of their action.
      And – yes – their increasing their popularity… starting from the early ’90 they have a rate between 8 and 12 % nationally but, of course, their rate in the north is much, much higher. In a coalition with other parties they hold almost 50% of local council in the North, and almost all the northern regions have a league man leading them.
      And – no – Area 51 aren’t that good… mainly soul and R&B…

  3. Camillo, mi cospargo la testa di cenere…Leggendo il tuo post mi e’ rimasto il nome Roberto nel cervello e devo averlo scritto automaticamente…..

    Mi perdoni?


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