The gangster buried with Popes

Never heard about the “Banda della Magliana” ? It was quite infamous in Rome, around the end of the ’70s… a very complicated mixture of crime, drug dealing, robbery, murders, secret services, mafia… you name it!

One of the most powerful member of the gang was Enrico De Pedis (aka Renatino), killed by other members of the gang in 1990. He is buried – God knows why – in the Saint Apollinare Basilica, right in piazza Navona, the very center of Rome. Curiously the Basilica is part of the same building of the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music that Emanuela Orlandi attended, and where she was last seen before being kidnapped in 1983. De Pedis’ interment at the Church is an unusual procedure for a common citizen, and even more because he was a gangster. Authorizing the interment at the time was Cardinal Poletti, now deceased.


One thought on “The gangster buried with Popes

  1. Thank you for talking about Emanuela Orlandi.

    Pietro Orlandi -the brother of Emanuela- asks to the Pope to shed
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