The script of a movie

This is the story… a man rapes two little girls, they’re friends of his daughters, and the mother of one goes to the police and has the man arrested and then sentenced to 15 years. Bob Hoskins is great for the rapist role while Susan Sarandon could be the mother…, but wait, there’s more!

The rapist family is mad with the woman and, wanting revenge, hires two men to kill her… so, what do you think? Weak? Not realistic?

Oh no, it is so realistic that it happened, few days ago, in Naples. The woman was shot while driving her car. Two men were arrested and confessed the murder: it had been planned using a picture taken from the Facebook profile of the woman’s daughter.

ilmattino.it_1 2

update: the mother of one of the killers attempted suicide jumping off the window of her second floor home.


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