18 magistrates and a pigeon

On Corriere.it there’s a story that epitomize the Judicial system in Italy: on June 6th 2010 a man shot a pigeon from a window of his flat in Milan. He get the bird that fall in the courtyard of a nearby building. People living in that building, claiming the man has been shooting at pigeons for sometime, call the police. He is brought in a court that fines him for € 8.000,00.

He appeal the sentence and, in a loop of sentences and appeal, the man is still waiting for a final verdict today. The pigeon cause has been around courts for almost 5 years and has been “managed” by 18 different magistrates. (italiangoogletransalted)


Ignazio Marino is the Mayor of Rome. He’s been a lot in the news since he took office in mid 2013. He started planning to leave private cars out of the Colosseum area, and he is now under pressure from a Rome corruption scandal (but he seems to be the victim).

One of his “battle” is aimed to improve the local police: first an immediate action..? No man can stay in tha same office for more than 4 years. This to prevent any possible case of corruption. Local police is against this action and has called for a strike on decembre 31st. A rapresentative for national governement said that this strike wasn’t legal and would have called for a legal reaction. Local police called the strike off and was set to go to work as usual.

Unfortuantely, that same night, 83,5% of the force couldn’t go to work. They felt sick and stayed home.